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Defending a criminal case involves an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your defense. This assessment can only be made after your case has been thoroughly investigated and analyzed under relevant law.


It takes a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to comprehend the difference between a good offer and a bad one. We’ll help you understand the merits of your case.      

If Negotiations Fail, We Are Prepared To Take Your

Case To Trial

1. Don’t talk to the police.

2. Hire a lawyer.

3. Provide your lawyer with the full facts of the case, the earlier you meet with your lawyer the better chance of recalling all the details.  

4.Learn the elements of the offense charged- what the State would have to prove for a conviction.

5.Learn the range of punishment for the offense, if convicted.

6.Unless you reach a settlement of your case in General Sessions, don’t readily waive a preliminary hearing.

7.After an indictment, file a motion for discovery.

8.If you’re looking for a plea agreement, keep negotiations open but be prepared for a jury trial.


8 Things to do if you are charged with a criminal offense:

When you need

a criminal

defense lawyer,



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Knowledgeable and experienced legal representation in Murfreesboro and the surrounding areas.

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When one is charged with a crime they have a lot of questions. The officer didn’t read me my rights, can I get my case dismissed?  Did the officer have the right to search my person, vehicle, home? How much time does this carry?  Am I looking at jail time? Can I get probation? Can I keep it off my record?  I can offer you my knowledge, time, experience and compassion whether you’re innocent or guilty.